II Samuel 7:1-17 The Lord Chooses David’s Line to Bring Forth the Messiah
II Samuel 6 Bringing People Into the Lord’s Presence
II Samuel 5:6-25 Ask the Lord
II Samuel 5:1-5 The Lord’s Choice
II Samuel 4:2-12 What the Lord Requires of Us
II Samuel 4:1 Follow the Lord and Be Blessed, Forsake the Lord and Be Cursed
II Samuel 3:22-39 What Have YOU Done?
II Samuel 3:1-21 Abner’s Rebellion
II Samuel 2:1-32 The Flesh Must Die!
II Samuel 1:17-27 Loving Your Enemies
II Samuel 1:1-16 Following the Flesh Will Destroy You
I Samuel 30-31 Strengthen Yourself in the Lord
I Samuel 29-30:8 Fooling the Enemy
I Samuel 28 Bad Tidings For Saul
I Samuel 27 Discouragement Can Lead To Backsliding
I Samuel 26 Mercy Shown to the Unmerciful
I Samuel 25 God Always Has The Last Word
I Samuel 24 God is Our Deliverer
I Samuel 23 God is Our Rock of Escape
I Samuel 22:6-23 Your Sin Affects Others
I Samuel 21-22:5 Trust in the Lord!
I Samuel 20 On the Run
I Samuel 18:17-19:24 Saul’s Schemes Are No Match For God’s Plan
I Samuel 18:1-16 Love and Hate
I Samuel 17:34-58 God Uses David to Slay Goliath
I Samuel 17:1-33 The Holy Spirit Emboldens David
I Samuel 16 God’s Choice
I Samuel 14:24-15:35 Please Obey Me!
I Samuel 14:1-23 The Faith of Jonathan in God to Deliver
I Samuel 13 Pride Goes Before Destruction
I Samuel 11-12 God Delivers Israel Through Saul
I Samuel 9-10 Saul is Anointed as King
I Samuel 8 Give Us a King!
I Samuel 7 Repentance Leads to Blessing
I Samuel 6 Sending God Away
I Samuel 4:12-5:12 Ichabod
I Samuel 3:11-4:11 Putting Their Trust in Material Things
I Samuel 2:21-3:10 A Call to Life and a Call to Death
I Samuel 2:1-21 God’s Choice
I Samuel 1: God’s Gift to Hannah