Mark 16:9-20 It Is Written! He Was Seen! Jesus Christ Is Risen!
Mark 16:1-8 Victory Over the Grave!
Mark 15:42-47 Our Rest is in Jesus Christ
Mark 15:33-41 Give Thanks for the Cross of Jesus Christ!
Mark 15:16-32 Jesus Christ is Our Frontline Defense
Mark 15:1-15 The Great Exchange
Mark 14:66-72 Are You Where Jesus Is?
Mark 14:43-65 Betraying Jesus -guest teacher Adam Novick
Mark 14:27-42 Waiting With Jesus?
Mark 14:1-29 You Can’t Trick Jesus
Mark 13:14-37 Watch!!!
Mark 13:3-13 Endure Until the End
Mark 13:1-2 A Place for God’s Name
Mark 12:35-44 Giving ALL to Jesus
Mark 12:28-34 Honoring God
Mark 12:18-27 The Power of God
Mark 12:13-17 Who Do You Honor?
Mark 12:1-12 How to Produce Good Fruit
Mark 11:22-33 Faith Forgives
Mark 11:12-24 The Fruitless Tree
Mark 11:1-11 Hosanna!
Mark 10:46-52 What Do You Want Jesus To Do For You?
Mark 10:32-45 Servant of All
Mark 10:17-31 Love of Money or Love of Jesus?
Mark 10:13-16 They Brought the Little Kiddos
Mark 10:1-12 God Hates Divorce!
Mark 9:42-50 Hell is Real! Jesus Saves!
Mark 9:30-41 Be Still and Listen
Mark 9:14-29 Be On Guard Because Satan is Waiting
Mark 9:1-13 Jesus is Glorified!
Mark 8:34-9:1 Have You Taken Up The Cross?
Mark 8:22-33 Who Do You Say Jesus Is?
Mark 8:10-21 Beware!
Mark 8:1-9 Do You Have Compassion?
Mark 7:24-37 Blessed Crumbs
Mark 7:1-23 Follow God’s Word, Not Men’s Traditions!
Mark 6:45-56 Lord Over Nature, Lord Over All
Mark 6:30-44 Rest in Jesus
Mark 6:14-29 Opportunity Knocks
Mark 6:1-13 He is Sent and We are Sent by the Father
Mark 5:21-42 All Authority is Given to Jesus
Mark 5:1-20 Setting Captives Free
Mark 4:35-41 Jesus is Master of Every Situation
Mark 4:26-34 Be Sowers of the Gospel
Mark 4:24-25 Judge According to God’s Word
Mark 4:21-23 Let the Light of the World Shine Through You
Mark 4:1-20 Sowing God’s Word
Mark 3:20-35 The True Family of Jesus
Mark 3:7-19 Jesus is Always Moving
Mark 2:23-3:6 Jesus is Our Sabbath
Mark 2:18-22 Jesus Can Make You New
Mark 2:13-17 A Life Consumed By Jesus
Mark 2:1-12 Your Sins Are Forgiven You
Mark 1:29-45 Miracles Confirm that the Gospel Is True
Mark 1:21-28 The Authority of Jesus
Mark 1:16-20 Jesus is Calling
Mark 1:9-15 His Baptism and Temptation in the Wilderness
Mark 1:1-8 Prepare the Way for the Lord!