The Choy Family: Fiji

Premend Choy and his family (wife Sharmila, daughters Charlene and Abigail) came to the United States in 2007 from Fiji to go to seminary and the Lord directed his steps to The Master’s Seminary in Southern California. He received his M.Div. in May of 2012 and is working to complete his Th.M. in the Fall of 2013. He recalls his time at this seminary as one of his sweetest experiences even though it was packed with rigorous academic training. He is grateful to the Lord for directing his steps to a seminary that is serious about training men as if lives depended on it!

Premend believes that the training has been instrumental in preparing him for godly living, for leadership in ministry, and for effective involvement in serving others.

Now that the training is over, Premend and his family returned to Fiji in late 2012 and have rejoined the faculty of the Fiji Bible College from which he graduated years ago. Currently, he serves in the role of Vice President responsible for Academics and Administration at College of Theology and Evangelism Fiji (formerly known as Fiji Bible College). His focus is on training the next generation of young men for ministry in the South Pacific region and equipping saints. This Bible College has been training pastors for the past 39 years under the leadership of Dr. Narayan Nair.

Southern Tier Pregnancy Resource Center

The Southern Tier Pregnancy Resource Center in Elmira, NY, provides many free and confidential services that can help get expectant mothers the information they need. Some of their services include:
Free Pregnancy Test
Free referral to an onsite Ultrasound (with a positive test, 6-14 weeks gestation)
Pregnancy Options Peer Counseling

Their Life Center provides free parenting education and material help to our community and is located in the Calvary Chapel of the Twin Tiers building.

Open Air Campaigners: Erin Chervenak
Open Air Campaigners is an evangelistic ministry of preaching the Gospel to lost people and mobilizing the body of Christ to do the same, primarily through effective open-air outreach.

OAC/USA is trusting the Lord to use this ministry to impact 25 cities in America with the gospel through open air evangelism and other ministry by means of strategic establishment of branch ministries by the year 2025.

Erin conducts evangelistic outreachs throughout Rochester,NY and surrounding areas and uses the sketchboard for kids’ clubs in city and county parks while pursuing ongoing evangelism with our OAC New York City staff.

For Zion’s Sake

A faith based 501c3 Ministry assisting newly arriving immigrants (Olim) home to Israel, helping provide their practical and spiritual needs.

Tomorrow Clubs

Our mission is making Disciples of Christ. In partnership with local churches, Tomorrow Club leaders are there every week to help kids in forsaken places learn to follow Jesus and break through the hopelessness around them.

Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes

Located in Farmington, NY, Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes was the first Calvary Chapel church established in New York.  They host a variety of events including an annual Bible Prophecy Conference, Creation Science Conference, and Pastors’ Conference along with many other Bible-based events such as men’s and women’s conferences, Christian concerts and outreaches.  They are also the home of WZXV radio which features 24 x 7 Bible teaching and worship music.  WZXV can be heard over the Internet via their streaming service.

The official website for the Calvary Chapel Movement.  You can find the location of other Calvary Chapel churches here.

Calvary Chapel Magazine

It has been the vision of Pastor Chuck Smith of CC Costa Mesa , CA, to use CC Magazine as a tool to unite Calvary Chapels worldwide and tell of God’s wondrous works. Since its inception more than thirteen years ago, there have been many pastors who have utilized the publication to foster within their churches a heart to follow the great commission to go into all the world. Through the pictures and stories, many people have been encouraged and sent out as missionaries.

The Blue Letter Bible

The Blue Letter Bible’s mission is to facilitate an in-depth study of God’s Word through an online interactive reference library (i.e. free Bible study tools). We view the Bible as central to our study resources, and intentionally designed the website to include study tools that are linked directly to Bible passages. God has graciously provided BLB with over 680,000 pages of Bible study content, including:

Advanced Bible Search
Original language lexical aids
Tools for cross-referencing related Scriptures
Audio, Video, and Text Commentaries
Daily Devotionals and Reading Plans
Spanish Language Resources
Social Networking and Applications
In-depth courses through the Blue Letter Bible Institute

The Word for Today

The Word For Today is a non-profit organization, and an outreach of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. Our desire is to see the body of Christ grow in their knowledge of God through the study of His Word. We are committed to bringing you the solid and consistent teaching of the whole Bible taught by Pastor Chuck Smith.

The Berean Call

Seven years after the release of The Seduction of Christianity in 1985, its authors, Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon, also joined forces on another front. They began a ministry for the purpose of encouraging spiritual discernment among those who regarded themselves as biblical Christians. The primary vehicle for this endeavor was through the publication of the newsletter The Berean Call . Behind every article is the exhortation to believers to get back into the Word of God instead of being “carried about by every wind of doctrine,” and to equip them with materials to help them walk in the truth.

Dedicated to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to members of various cults and the discipling of former cult members.

Bible Prophecies about the Rapture, current events, glossary of prophetic terms, and many other resources to stengthen your Faith.

Behold Israel

Website of Amir Tsarfati – Inside information about Israeli current events and how they relate to Bible prophecy.


The leading source for Israel news.

Biographies of Christian Men and Women of Faith.