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Recent Verse by Verse Teachings in The Sermon on the Mount and Revelation by Pastor Fred
Matthew 6The Beatitudes part 3: Proper Worship (10-22-2020)

Matthew 5:17-48 The Beatitudes part 2 (10-15-2020)

Matthew 5:1-16 The Beatitudes part 1 (10-8-2020)

Recent Verse by Verse Teachings in John by Pastor Fred
John 9 Blinded By Traditions (10-25-2020)

John 8:48-59 Jesus is the I AM (10-18-2020)

John 8:30-47 Has The TRUTH Set You Free? (10-11-2020)

John 8:13-29 Are You Going Where Jesus Is? (9-27-2020)

John 8:1-12 The Finger of God (9-20-2020)

John 7:3-53 The Danger of Not Knowing What The Bible Really Says (9-13-2020)

John 7:1-2 Jesus Christ IN the Feast of Tabernacles (8-30-2020)

John 6:41-71 JESUS CHRIST IS THE BREAD OF LIFE!!! (8-23-2020)

John 6:22-40 The Eternal Bread (8-2-2020)

John 6:15-21 When Storms are Heaven-Sent (7-26-2020)

John 6:1-14 The Creation Witness That Jesus Christ is God (7-19-2020)

John 5:29-47 The Fourfold Witness That Jesus Christ is God (7-12-2020)

Isaiah 40:1-11 Get Your Eyes Off of the World and Onto Jesus!(7-5-2020)

John 5:17-29 God Wants Relationship Not Religion (6-21-2020)

John 5:1-16 Jesus Is LORD of the Sabaath (6-14-2020)

John 4:46-54 Faith Comes By Hearing God’s Word. Are you listening?(5-31-2020)

Deuteronomy 1:9-46 Don’t Let Unbelief Rob You of God’s Blessings (5-27-2020)

John 4:43-45 Do You Reverence the Lord?(5-24-2020)

Deuteronomy 1:1-8 Remember! (5-20-2020)

John 4:22-1-42 Come and Drink the Living Water! (5-17-2020)

John 3:22-36 Jesus MUST Increase! (5-10-2020)

John 3:1-21 The ONLY Way to Heaven (4-26-2020)

John 2:12-25 A House of Prayer for ALL Nations (4-19-2020)

John 20 Our Essentials (4-12-2020)

John 2:1-11 Let Jesus Fill You with the New Wine of the Holy Spirit (4-5-2020)

John 1:35-51 Who Do YOU Seek? (3-29-2020)

John 1:9-34 The Time to Repent (3-22-2020)

John 1:1-8 That You May Believe That Jesus IS God (3-8-2020)

Recent Topical Studies by Pastor Fred


Recent Guest Teachings
Pastor Bob: Hosea 1: God’s Unfailing Love For Unfaithful People (8-16-2020)

Keith Kraska: What Really Happened on the Cross (8-9-2020)

Keith Kraska: How to Beat the Devil (6-28-2020)

2019 Calvary Chapel Twin Tiers Men’s Day Sessions
2018 Calvary Chapel Finger Lakes Womens Day Sessions

Pastor Bob: Psalm 61: Is Your Heart Overwhelmed?(10-20-2019)

Pastor Bob: Joel 3: The Day of the Lord (10-14-2019)

Adam Novick: Luke 15:11: The Prodigal Son (9-22-2019)

Keith Kraska: Acts 17: The Meaning of Life (8-18-2019)

Keith Kraska: Acts 17: The First and Final Authority (8-11-2019)

Keith Kraska: Judges 6: The Glory of Weakness (12-16-2018)

Past Verse by Verse Studies by Pastor Fred


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Studies in Judges

Studies in Joshua


2015 Calvary Chapel Twin Tiers Men’s Day Teachings


2014 Calvary Chapel Twin Tiers Men’s Day Teachings


Special Guest Teachings
Keith Kraska: The Assurance of Our Salvation (9-2-2018)

Pastor Bob: Great Things are Around the Corner for God’s People: Revelation 20, Ezekiel 40-48 (08-26-2018)

Pastor Bob: The Resurrections: Who? When? Why? How? (1-31-2018)